b. 1982 Buenos Aires, Arg.
lives and works in Paris, Fr.

Solo exhibitions
2019.  Camila San Pedro, PhotoSaintGermain. Paris
2019.  Muses, Alkinois. Athens
2016.  738 -Book Launch, Yvon Lambert Librairie, Paris
2016.  Et Il y avait des Ruines, PhotoSaintGermain. Paris
2015.  California California, Honore Visconti. Paris *
2015.  Espacios Ajenos, Lugares Propios. Museo de Arquitectura y Diseño. Bs As. *
2014.  738, Fauna Gallery, Sao Paulo * 

Group exhibitions (selection)
2019.  Boquinistes #1, Bandini. Paris
2017   TheLibrary, tête, Berlin
2017.  Open Office Un-spaced Galerie. Paris
2016  C/O Book Days, Berlin
2016.  738, International Photobook Exhibition. The Royal Photographic Society. LN
2015.  Prix Maison Blanche #5. Marseille
2014.  Photobook Dummy Prize, Kassel
2014.  738, Athens Photo Festival, Athens
2014.  738m Paraty in Focus, Paraty (Brasil).
2014.  738. The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne
2014.  Honore. Nature Mort. Rue Visconti. Paris,
2013.  PINTA ART FAIR. REA GALLERY stand. New York
2013.  S.SECONDS. CPW25. New York
2013.  S. SECONDS. Joseloff Gallery. Connecticut
2013.  arteBA. REA Gallery. Buenos Aires 
2012.  Impersonators. Dumbo Arts Festival, New York
2012.  (super)heroes. United Photo Industries, New York
2012.  Kominek Gallery. Long Lonely Swims. Berlin
2010.  Impersonators Copenhagen Photography Festival. Copenhagen

2019.  Camila San Pedro / Bandini Books / ISBN 978-2-491410-00-1
2016.  738  / ISBN 978-0-692-69711-5
2016.  Both Sides of Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles / Metropolis Books /   
            ISBN 9781938922732
2013.  Long Lonely Swims / aG_halide Press.

2013.  MFA (Masters in Fine Arts Photography). Hartford University. Connecticut
2007.  Documentary and Photojournalism Program. ICP. New York

2014/2018 Paris College of Art. Paris, FR.

• two person exhibitions

        2020  Portfolio. Courants Alternatifs, M Magazine - Le Monde
        2019   Entre images âpres et objets kitschs, le drôle de roman-photo de
                    Nicolas Silberfaden, Télérama - Sortir
        2016   Favorite Photobooks - 2016, Caroline Hunter. LensCulture. Angleterre
        2016   Mode, art, lifestyle : les nouveaux influenceurs AD Magazin. France
        2015   A City of Ultimate Futility, The British Journal of Photography. London
        2015   Both Sides of the Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles, Places Journal.
        2012   Shooting Back at the Paparazzi. Time Magazine.
        2012   Los Angeles: Nachtsonne ubrer LA, Tom Kummer. Du Magazine.  Nº 825
        2008  Chasing Britney. British Journal of Photography. Volume 155.